"RUFF, RUFF!" Welcome to TOP DAWGZ online! Please take a look around; stay updated, and most importantly, have a PAWsome day!

How are we different from our competitors?! ....

*We are purely motivational based. We do not use aversive; dominant, or fear based training. 
*Training done in your home, with you! 

*Affordable pricing! 
*Staff that is trained in dog husbandry;  obedience;   handling and body language. 
*We do not breed discriminate! all breeds are welcome.

*Discounts for rescued/adopted and fostered dogs; senior citizens; multiple pet households; military personnel; police, EMTs, etc

*Coming soon in the near future.... In our home doggy boarding! Cage-free and 24 hour companionship* 

Need a meaningful gift for friends or family-try the gift that keeps on giving, “Top Dawgz Gift Certificates”. For more information, give us a call or email! 

Looking for THE best Dog Trainer in Baltimore? Well, your search has ended!  

Top Dawgz offers a full array of dog training and dog related services to meet your needs, and the needs of your dawg.  If you are looking for a new pet, we consult on which breed would best fit your needs.  As far as dawg training goes;  we ONLY give in-home private lessons.  Why should you share an hour with other owners, at a store, that is not familiar to your dawg?  We train the dawgz in their own environment!
 We are also ready and willing to work with local and nearby animal shelters and rescues for dawg rehabilitation  purposes. Please contact us for more information.  

We will soon be offering in-our home 24 hour & cage free companionship boarding! Please keep an eye out for details. Also, there is a possibility for small group doggy daycare!
Unlike many of our competitors, we proudly list our lesson plans and our prices.  Our services, costs and professionalism cannot be beat.  Call us at 414-865-8518 or e-mail to info@agreatdogtrainer.com

About Cee.....
Cee, our President and head dawg trainer has always had a passion for animals. She has a rare gift, and that gift is understanding animals. Cee studied Dawg obedience through Penn Foster, an accredited program,  and graduated from the program in 2010. Since then, Top Dawgz has blossomed into a Dawg Training, as well as boarding and daycare service. Cee makes it a point to research current and up to date methods for training and how to properly and humanely take care our our four pawed friends. Cee also attends webinars when possible, and reads all the latest dog related articles. Cee also read books, such as "Don't Shoot The Dog," by Karen Pryor, a well known clicker dog trainer. Because of Cee's loves for animals, she had made  it a point in the past to help out local rescues, either by fostering; temporarily boarding, or even providing dawg training for them. Cee believes that all dawgs, no matter their breed or age deserve the chance to be well trained! That is why Top Dawgz has a zero breed discrimination policy. Cee thanks you for taking the time to stop by, and does hope to assist you in the future!

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Chaya "Cee" Cohen and Top Dawg Mascot Buddy Da Dawg.  Cee's Training diploma.

Penn Foster 's dog obedience training program is in full  accreditation  from DETC
Cee, her husband Alan (general manager) and their dog, Teddy Bear.

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